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Nifco is built on values which provide the framework for everything we do – these values are called the Nifco Spirit.

Fostered at Nifco’s inception and passed down from member to member, this spirit has been the engine of growth for Nifco. With this spirit, we gain the strength to constantly look for innovations without fear of failure, and boldly face the challenge of new work.

Above all, an enterprise has to strive to increase its profits. It is only profitable enterprises that are able to improve their employees’ well-being, give returns to shareholders, and to contribute to the overall benefit of society.

We have been able to assure the continuance of the company and the growth of Nifco by producing outstanding results with a small team of people who hone their talents together.

Nifco Products España works to the principles set out by parent company Nifco Inc in its 2007 Coporate Action Charter document.